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Does the rug come with a rug pad?

Yes. Each of our standard rugs comes with a cushioned non-slip foam pad included. Tumble rugs must be used with a Tumble rug pad only and cannot be used with other rug pads. Our Faux Fur rugs have a built-in non-slip bottom so there is no need to pur

Can a Tumble Rug be used without a Rug Pad?

No. Our standard Tumble rugs must be used with a rug pad. The rug pad makes a Tumble non-slip and keeps everything in place. Our rug pad gives the rug a more cushioned, plusher feel while also helping with noise absorption. Our Faux Fur rugs have a b

Can a Tumble Rug be used with a different Rug pad?

No. We do not recommend using a Tumble Rug with different rug pads.

Can I buy the Rug without the Rug Pad?

Yes, if you are an existing Tumble customer you can order additional rugs for use with your Tumble Rug Pad. In order to do so, please email us at [email protected] with your rug selection.

What makes a Tumble rug spillproof? Is it safe?

Our rugs are coated with a water-based solution that is commonly used in medical and outdoor clothing. This coating helps separate the oils, stains, or liquids from the fabric, preventing any absorption.

Is the Faux Fur spillproof like other Tumble rugs?

Because of its high pile, the Faux Fur rug is not designed to be spillproof; however, it is machine washable and comes with a built-in non-slip rug pad!

Because Tumble is completely spillproof, does it still feel and look like a normal rug?

The spillproof coating is not visible and cannot be felt. Our rug's surface is soft to the touch.

Are Tumble rugs non-toxic?

We’re proud to say that our rugs are OEKO-TEX certified! In addition, our rugs and pads are rigorously tested in accordance with US safety standards and California's Prop 65 regulations at a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) approved,

What is the rug made of?

The rug is made of 100% polyester chenille with a water-based spillproof protective barrier and a polyester knit backing.

What is the rug pad made of?

The rug pad is made of a combination of non-toxic EVA foam and thermoplastic resin (a non-toxic latex-free and rubber-free material), which prevents the rug from slipping.

Are the rugs available in more sizes?

All available sizes are shown on our website. We are always working on expanding our assortment to include new sizes. While we don’t have visibility into the exact launch dates, you can check the website periodically. Please sign up for our newslette

How thick is the rug pad?

Our rug pad is 1/4 inch thick which provides for a soft, cushy feel.

Will the rug and pad fit underneath my doorway?

Yes, our 1/4 inch thick rug and pad fits comfortably underneath most standard doorways, which are 1/2 to 3/4 inches high.

Why is my Rug Pad smaller than the Rug Cover?

Our Rug Pads are specifically designed to be slightly smaller than our Rugs in case the Rug mildly shrinks after drying (shrinkage). In case of shrinkage, the Rug Pad will remain out of view.

Why are Tumble rugs so good for pet owners?

Our rug's low pile surface prevents the collection of dust and pet hair. In addition, you can easily clean your rug by removing it from the pad and putting it in your washer. Our Rug Pad comes in individual pieces that can be wiped down with soap and

How will Tumble rugs hold up to cat's claws?

As cat owners/lovers ourselves, we have found that cats are attracted to rugs with a high pile or rough fibers like jute. Our rugs are made with a polyester chenille that has a very low pile height and is soft to the touch. Our rug pad�s rubberized

Will the rug pad damage or discolor my floor?

Our rug pads are latex-free and instead are produced with a material called thermoplastic resin. They're designed for use on most common flooring (i.e. LVP, Laminate, hardwood floors, etc.).

Can a Tumble be used on a carpet?

Tumble rugs are best suited for hard surfaces only due to the puzzle-piece nature of the pads. While you may be able to use a Tumble on a low pile, firm carpet, we recommend using on hard surfaces.

Can a Tumble rug be used underneath rolling furniture or chairs?

We generally do not recommend using a Tumble rug underneath rolling chairs or furniture given the cushioned nature of the rug pad.

Can a Tumble rug be used on the stairs?

No. A Tumble rug is not designed for use on the stairs. Tumble rugs are meant to be used on a flat, hard surface.

Why is my rug's color different?

Our intention is to accurately depict the true color in all our online photos; however, colors may vary slightly due to the lighting in your room or your screen's settings.

Does Tumble have a Swatch program and how does it work?

Yes, we offer each of our designs in a 10 x 10 inch swatch! Our swatch program allows you to order a small rug sample in order to help you find the best design for your space. If you’re interested in purchasing a swatch, please visit our swatch page.

Can I order multiple swatches?

Yes, you can order multiple swatches by simply adding additional designs to your shopping cart. We recommend ordering swatches of any design that you're interested in to help you make an informed decision.

Does the Faux Fur shed?

Our Faux Fur rugs will shed a little bit after washing.

The colors on some rugs vary slightly across images on the website. How do I know which colors are correct?

Our intention is to accurately depict the true color in all our online photos; however, some colors may slightly vary across different pictures. The product photos (on white background) will most accurately reflect the true colors on the rugs. The

I just refinished my floors. How soon after can I put down my Tumble?

Although our rug pads are designed for use on the most common flooring (e.g., LVP, laminate, hardwood floors, etc.), we strongly recommend not placing your Tumble on a newly finished floor.

Are you OEKO-TEX Certified?

Yes, we’re proud to say that our rugs are OEKO-TEX certified!