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Will the rug pad damage or discolor my floor?Updated 6 months ago

Our rug pads are latex-free and instead are produced with a material called thermoplastic resin. They're designed for use on most common flooring (i.e. LVP, Laminate, hardwood floors, etc.). Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend double-checking with the flooring manufacturer to ensure that your flooring is compatible with this material. 

In addition, we recommend periodically sweeping and/or vacuuming under your pad to prevent the build up of moisture and other particles that may damage your floor.  After cleaning, please be sure that the floor is completely dry before laying the pad back down! We also recommend avoiding flooring that is subjected to high heat or humidity (do not put near a floor vent). 

Please note that floor coverings of any kind may cause discoloration if placed for a prolonged period of time in an area with direct sunlight.

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