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Do you have a Customer Referral Program?Updated 2 months ago

Every Tumble customer is automatically enrolled in our Customer Referral Program. After you complete a purchase, you will see your unique referral link on your order confirmation page. You will also receive an email with your referral link one day after you place an order. 

You can share this link with friends and family, which will automatically apply a $20 discount at checkout. You will then earn $20 in referral rewards for every eligible purchase that was made through your referral link. See below for Terms & Conditions.

If you still have trouble finding your referral link, please contact us at [email protected].

Customer Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Referral discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Valid for first time purchasers only. Self-referrals are not permitted. Discount may be applied to Rug orders and excludes Rug Swatches. Minimum purchase required. Referral rewards will be emailed to the referrer 35 days after the referral link is used to make a purchase, subject to approval. Rewards may not be approved if the purchase is returned or if purchase was deemed ineligible. Rewards are not redeemable for cash value. Referral links are not permitted to be shared on referral code sites or forums. Referral links can be banned at Tumble's discretion. Discount values and referral rewards are subject to change. Terms are subject to change.

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