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Care & Washability

Find answers about how to wash, dry, and care for your Tumble products.

Do all Tumble rugs fit in a washing machine?

Yes! All of our rugs are designed to fit in a standard washer & dryer.

How do I wash my Tumble Rug?

Washing your Tumble rug is easy! Step 1: Place the rug into a washing machine. For the best results, make sure to have any stains facing outwards. Step 2: Wash cold on a delicate cycle using standard laundry detergent. Do not use detergent that

Can I vacuum my Tumble?

Yes, you can vacuum your Tumble on the lowest setting (without use of a beater brush). Avoid vacuuming the sewn edges of the rug. We don't recommend using autonomous robot vacuums as they've been known to damage the rug's edges.

Can I use Tumble with Autonomous Robot Vacuums?

We don't recommend using autonomous robot vacuums (Roomba, Eufy etc.) as they've been known to damage the rug's edges.

How many washes should the rug last?

There is no limit to the number of washes; however, as with any washable product, excessive washing with harsh detergents may begin to damage the polyester fibers.

Does the spillproof effect fade over time?

The spillproof effect will begin to diminish after washing, however this will vary based on multiple factors (e.g., detergent, wash cycle, humidity etc.) The spillproof coating is meant to serve as a "first line of defense", however the rug can

What washer and dryer settings should I use for my Tumble rug?

Washer Setting: Wash cold on a delicate cycle using standard laundry detergent. Do not use detergent that contains bleach or fabric softener. Please contact your detergent manufacturer if you are not sure that it is compatible with polyester fabric

How do I dry my Tumble Rug?

Standard Tumble Rugs. Place the Rug Cover in the dryer and set it on Low Heat. Do not use dryer sheets. The Rug Cover may also be hung and air-dried if preferred. Faux Fur Rugs. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not use dryer sheets. Remove the rug from the

If I decide to air dry, how long does it take?

It typically takes 1-2 days to air dry your Tumble Rug.

What detergents should I use to wash my Tumble Rug?

We recommend using any mild, non-bleach detergent.

Can I use bleach or fabric softener when washing my Tumble Rug?

No. We do not recommend using bleach or fabric softener.

How thick is the Faux Fur pile compared to other Tumble rugs?

The Faux Fur pile is ¾” thick. Our other washable rugs along with their rug pad are less than ½” thick.

How do I fluff up my Faux Fur rug?

After unboxing or a wash, unfold the rug and give it a few good shakes. Allow the rug to completely dry. Vacuuming can often help fluff up the pile after a wash.

How do I remove a stain from my Tumble?

In order to work out the stains, we recommend taking the following steps: 1) Start by blotting the stain with a wet towel, 2) Spray the area with a spot cleaner and continue to blot with a towel

How can I restore the stickiness of my corner grippers?

If you have noticed that your grippers are losing their stickiness, you can reinvigorate their grip by:

I removed my corner grippers from the floor and no longer know which side is which. How do I know what to do?

Here's a simple way to determine the correct orientation for your corner grippers if you end up repositioning or removing them: