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Find answers about assembling Tumble products.

How do I assemble my Tumble Rug and Rug Pad?

For detailed assembly instructions, please visit our 'Assembly' page at

How does the Tumble rug stay in place relative to the rug pad?

The Tumble Rug stays in place due to two key innovations: 1) our Rug Pad has a grippy, rubberized top which helps to keep the rug from slipping around 2) our Rug has pockets on the underside of each corner. The Rug Pad tucks into these corner pockets

Why does the rug have pockets on the corners?

Our patent-pending technology is the first of its kind. The Tumble Rug Pad tucks directly into corner pockets on the underside of the Rug, ensuring that the Rug lays flat on the ground and remains in place. Furthermore, the corner pockets prevent the